Firefighter Training

We all dream to become a firefighter as a kid. Being able to help people in their time of need can have huge personal impact on what we do in the world. Thousands of people every year hold onto that dream and continue to have the passion to become a firefighter. If you’re looking to become a full-time firefighter, you should expect to go through nearly 600 hours of firefighter training over 3 months. Fire academies offer comprehensive training to those over the age of 18 who have a high school diploma and a clean criminal record.

The primary focus of any firefighter training is going to be your physical abilities. While it looks heroic, being able to carry a 170 pound person out of the 4th story window of a burning building takes serious upper body strength. Through lifting heavy weights and jogging multi-level buildings and stairs, your endurance will be put to the test as your firefighter training begins. It gets more exciting than this, but you need to be able to handle these physical challenges at a moment’s notice.

While you won’t be tossed into a real life situation just yet, you will be put into an actual structural fire. Firefighter training is meant to determine your ability to think clearly and quickly while your vision is blurred and your lungs begin to fill with smoke, while your body sweats out excess fat in minutes. The repeated process of live burns helps firefighters use their instincts properly to react on the fly. Equipped with heavy gear that can tolerate temperatures greater than 1,000 degrees, and an oxygen tank and respirator that add more than 30 pounds to your already heavy workload, your body will be put to the test physically and mentally with each fire exercise you enter.

Next, you’ll be instructed on using the fire hose. While your garden hose is pumping out a gallon of water every 15 seconds, a fire hose will shell out dozens of gallons of water in a single second. Handling a hose with this kind of force is a vital element of firefighter training. Attempting to grab a hose like this alone will have you tossed around like a rag doll. You’ll be taught to work with others and cooperatively as a team during firefighter training.

You can find firefighter training schools at several state and national facilities throughout the country. Select the proper state in our category selection and find out more information and contact the training center/station near you.

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